My Story

Cynthia Barry


I was born an Intuitive Medium. 

When I was a very young girl I recall communicating with my Great Aunt Lucy, who had already passed on to the Spirit world. I would try to tell my mother but she was in disbelief and told me to “zip it, young lady.” So I just buried it. 

After my Mom died in 2011, I started getting messages from her and other family/friends in the spirit world. I did not know what to do at the time, and no one knew what to tell me, other than, (everyone gets channeling) I was speaking in tongues and hearing messages, my nose was twitching, my feet moving, also making hand gestures with my hands. At this time, I was also learning how to communicate with the Archangels, everyone can communicate with the Archangels, you just need to ask, and give your permission. I was also was going through a divorce and planned to take a Massage therapy course in London, but started to wonder how I was going to concentrate, with all the channeling that I was hearing on a daily basis. I then googled Psychic Schools in London, and Arthur Finely College came up, I then enrolled in some classes and immediately started doing readings. My tutor sat with me and I closed my eyes and started telling him about his childhood and everything was correct. I then began my journey as a Medium. 

In 2018 I became an ordained minister to better help and support my clients.